Alex BarronSenior Research Analyst

Alex Barron is the founder and senior research analyst of the Housing Research Center.  Mr. Barron has been avidly following the housing market and the publicly traded builders since 2001.

Career History

2001-2003 Franklin Templeton Investments, San Mateo, CA
After finishing his graduate studies at Stanford University in 2001, Mr. Barron began his Wall Street career on the buy-side at Franklin Templeton Investments as part of the Real Estate team focused on the housing sector.

2004-2007 JMP Securities LLC, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Barron moved to the sell-side in 2004 at JMP Securities, an investment bank in San Francisco, CA, again focused on the homebuilding sector and partially worked with the Commercial REIT team.
2007-2009 Agency Trading Group, Inc., Wayzata, MN
In 2007, Mr. Barron joined Agency Trading Group and began an independent research effort focused on the housing market and later also initiated coverage of the retail REIT sector.
2010 Housing Research Center LLC, El Paso, TX
In 2010, Mr. Barron launched the Housing Research Center, with the intent of becoming the leading source of information on the housing market and the publicly traded builders for institutional investors.


1995 - University of Texas at El Paso
B.S. Civil Engineering, Top 10 Senior, Awarded National Science Fundation Fellowship 

1996 - Stanford University
M.S. Structural Engineering 

2001 - Stanford University
Eng. Construction Engineering & Management.
Ph.D. studies at the Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering
Thesis: Modeling Business Processes to Predict Potential Benefits of Internet-Based Project Control Systems.