Housing Research Center, LLC is an independent research firm focused primarily on the U.S. housing market and the publicly traded homebuilders.  The company was launched in January 2010 by Senior Research Analyst Alex Barron.

The company is based in El Paso, TX, a strategic location that places us just a couple hours away from most major housing markets.

Our team consists of analysts and research associates with vast experience in field market tours, comprehensive data collection, insightful analysis, and rapid dissemination of the information through our website and reports.

We serve institutional investment management clients interested in trading builder or housing-related equities, options, bonds, CDS, and other alternative investment strategies.

Trading Partner
Our trading partner is New York based Cuttone & Co. Inc.

Our vision is to become the premier and most knowledgeable research firm and go-to source for institutional investors interested in being at the cutting edge of information and new developments related to the housing market and the public builders.

Our goal is to help our clients understand the nuances between each builders' strategy to differentiate between the outperformers and the underperformers, be knowledgeable of market developments in real-time in each of the key housing markets, and accurately call the bottom and the peak of housing market cycles.

Our mission is primarily to help our clients preserve their capital and then to help them make money for their investors.

Our current focus is on the U.S. public builders and related companies such as land owners, land developers, subcontractors, materials vendors, the GSE's, and mortgage companies.  In the future, we hope to expand our coverage to international builders.