We are excited to introduce Cuttone & Company, our execution trading partner.



Cuttone & Co. was founded in 1984 on the New York Stock Exchange and was the first brokerage on the floor to be involved with the trading of multi-strategy arbitrage.  It continues to be a leading provider of multi-strategy arbitrage trading and pricing services to both investment managers and broker/dealers.Over the years, Cuttone & Co. has substantially expanded its product offering to serve the needs of a wide array of clients. 

In addition to our core arbitrage trading and NYSE floor trading presence, we also offer to our institutional money management and broker/dealer clients the following services:

•    Traditional Agency Trading Desk for U.S. Equities and Listed Options
•    Primary expertise in multi-strategy arbitrage and other corporate action related trading events
•    Electronic Direct Market Access for U.S. Equities and Options
•    International Equities trading to 58 different markets
•    Cuttone Automated Trading Solutions (CATS)
•    Standard and Customized Algorithmic Strategies
•    Prime Brokerage Services including execution, portfolio reporting and capital introduction
•    CSAs and Soft Dollars
•    Independent Research and Analysis
•    Execution Consulting

Even though Cuttone & Co. started as a floor based firm, we keep a constant focus on technology. Clearly, there have been massive changes to the business. Here at Cuttone & Co., we closely monitor advantages in trading technology to identify new and enhanced solutions for our clients.  As a result, we participate actively in the world of algorithms, electronic platforms, dark pools, and program trading.

However, even though electronic trading products have become a staple in our business, we still believe that the breadth of our presence on the floor of the NYSE provides an unmatched level of service for our clients.  Moreover, the combination of our 23 floor brokers and traders with our professional upstairs trading desk, containing 12 sales traders, creates an efficient and effective information and execution platform.  Indeed, many of our clients are dually covered by a sales trader in the firm’s upstairs operation as well as one of our professionals on the floor.  Cuttone & Co. is able to deliver execution and information services quickly to the client from a wide array of sources – most notably from the point-of-sale at the NYSE.  Even today, despite the diminished role of humans on the NYSE, the level of information that can be gleaned from that market is substantial.  That is a large value added benefit to working with Cuttone & Co.

This is especially true in our core multi-strategy arbitrage trading, and other specific trading specialties such as ADRs and ETFs.  We believe that our experience and skill in executing merger-arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, pairs, stubs, and other non-traditional long/short trading strategies, ADRs, and ETFs is unmatched.  Our extensive relationships with the trading community allow us to quote spreads on a two way basis, providing clients with valuable market information and improved access to liquidity. Cuttone’s traders and brokers relentlessly track the markets, and keep clients abreast of current swap levels and spreads based on intra-day moves.  Our brokers and sales traders have an average length of experience of 23 years.  This experience, and the corresponding knowledge that we have acquired, allow us to provide the best information and service to help our customers make the right decisions in their trading and investment strategies.

Cuttone & Co.’s clients range from the very smallest hedge funds to large, multi-national asset managers and mutual fund complexes; in addition to its broker/dealer clients.  Traditionally, most firms have used Cuttone for its arbitrage expertise or its execution capabilities at the point-of-sale on the NYSE.  But, today, the firm has burgeoning businesses in prime services, international trading, options execution, algorithmic trading (CATS), commission management programs, and independent research.  In addition to organic growth, the firm has also actively participated in the industry consolidation of the past couple of years and continues to explore further growth opportunities in the global equities markets.

The principal operations for the firm are at 111 Broadway, New York, NY as well as the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.  The firm also has sales and trading offices in Dallas, TX and West Palm Beach with plans to expand to other money centers in 2010, market conditions permitting.  Depending upon market conditions at the time, we also envision foreign operations in late 2011 with an eye toward 24 hour, global trading in the future.  Cuttone utilizes the services of Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearance (GSEC) for clearing and settlement of U.S./Foreign equities and options.  GSEC also serves as the custodian for Cuttone’s Global Prime Solutions offering, along with the recently added JP Morgan.

Given the depth and breadth of Cuttone & Co’s product set and staff experience, the firm presents an excellent resource to all asset managers for execution and information services.  The growth of the firm’s staff and product set will only enhance its ability to provide clients with services germane to the specific needs of each.

If you would like to open a trading account, please contact:

Keith Bliss
Cuttone & Co. Inc.
111 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10006

Direct: 646-943-5441
Office: 646-943-5400
Fax: 646-943-5442
E-mail: kbliss@cuttone.com